- qroneko - a scheduling utility
- qroneko - a scheduling utility
- qroneko - a scheduling utility
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qroneko is a scheduling utility which uses crontab as the backend. - crontab is a unix command to install, deinstall or list the table which contain scheduled commands. ( see detail cron/crontab manual. )

features and highlights:

  • Smart "Cron Time" Setting.
  • Lists expected execute time.
  • Enables to edit crontab by text
  envoked by superuser

All user's maintaining crontabs can be edited by superuser.

however, crontab of new other user cannot be created.

  List of expected execute time

Lists expected execute time.

can be changed max number of list and max day from now (ex: max days 2 will be displayed 48 hours data from now).

  Cron-time setting

Fairly smart, but not perfect.

Months and weeks expression can be changed literal or numeric.

I means...
  numeric : 1, 2, 3, ...
  literal : Jan, Feb, Mar, ...

  Save confirmation dialog

Every crontabs that you made change are confirmed before saving.

your changing here, will be applied to crontab.

  known issues
  • Disable to remove crontab, if all cron-command removed.(will be fixed)
  • Menu bar icons are too large.(will be fixed)
  • Disable to drag/drop operation by mouse.(pending)
  • 12 hours expression in Cron-Time Dialog (pending)
  • Superuser can change user's crontab too easily.(pending)
Currently, there is no binary image.
You need to set up Qt4 development environment.
Please download qroneko, and compile as follows.
  • $ qmake -project -o qroneko.pro
  • $ qmake
  • $ make